There are numerous ways to support our efforts and improve our community… here are just a few ways you can help join the fight:


1) EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITIES – We are always accepting applications for employment. We will be starting small, but as our business grows, so do the opportunities to join our team. We are an Equal Opportunity hiring organization that gives special consideration to Veterans. We will keep applications for 3 months. Please ensure that you contact us each quarter to renew your interest and resume.

2) SERVING YOUR ORGANIZATION – We take pride in our food and want to make sure that everyone gets a chance to enjoy a fresh, hand-made meal if they wish. We can set up a time to drive our food truck to your organization, we can take your order and deliver if you wish (minimum orders may apply – please call to discuss your needs) or we can cater your special event and treat you to a unique feast designed for your team. Please contact us if you would like to discuss how we can best serve your organization!

3) CITIZENS FIRST, COMMUNITY SECOND – We will be working with local organizations to help feed those citizens and families in need. A company can give back to the community by donating $2.00 per meal (to a maximum of 20% of the number of meals they have consumed, e.g. – A company that orders 200 meals may elect to donate $80 that day (40 meals x $2.00)) and choose where those meals will be sent. Options include seniors who are homebound, residents of homeless shelters, families that have one or more members that are unemployed, families with members that are in the hospital and other groups. Once the money is collected, the meals will be prepared fresh to order by the organizations that will deliver the meals. Reports will be generated each week for individuals and companies that donate for tax purposes and reporting purposes. We can make a difference, one meal at a time.

4) INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES – Once we have successfully paid back the investment capital and have proven our business model, we will be seeking to expand to other cities around our country. We will be able to give a clear picture of start-up costs, staffing requirements, operational costs and marketing plans to those individuals or groups interested in having a Minutemen Express in their city. Presently we are not planning on expanding until we reach the one year mark, but our first expansion will be San Diego, CA followed by other cities that have large Veteran populations and the desire to have our concept operate within their community. Please contact us if you would like to find out more about bringing Minutemen Express to your community.